Visual & Performing Arts

Art in its various forms is an essential part of life and adds an additional dimension to life and personality. In addition to being a source of enjoyment and fulfilment, painting, drawing, dance, drama and music etc. help children develop a range of capabilities - spatial awareness, communication, kinaesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills and provides them the opportunity to introspect, reflect and express themselves creatively. It shapes them as individuals and as members of the society. Students understand the value of discipline, focus and practice. They also develop the ability to appreciate other viewpoints and various forms of art in other cultures.


Visual Art

Through a robust Creative Arts Program, we provide the freedom, maximum opportunities, and exposure to all mediums, fields, and techniques of creative expression.

Activities include:

  • Painting - Water color, poster color, charcoal, brush, oil pastel
  • Collage with waste material, pieces of fabric
  • Printing - screen, block, batik, tie & dye
  • Clay Modelling
  • Construction with cloth and paper
  • Sculpture - relief carving in wood; wire and wood armature
  • Pottery
  • Murals
  • Paper Recycling
  • Beadwork
  • Embroidery
  • Macramé
  • Aluminum Foil Work
Visual And Performing

Visual And Performing

Visual And Performing


Dance & Music

  • Folk, Classical & Creative Dance Forms
  • Indian Classical Music - Vocal, Tabla& Harmonium
  • Western Classical - Drums, Flute, Guitar, Mouth Organ, Synthesizer
Visual And Performing



Brahmavid School shall aim at improving self-esteem, confidence and the skills of conceptualization, articulation, production, improvisation etc., through dramatics.