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The School

Who We Are

Aiming to set up an International Quality Educational Institution in the heart of Tribal Land and mark the beginning of a new era in the edu-world, the worthy members of 'Ask Edifying Foundation' laid the foundation of Brahmavid - The Global School at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. It is a dream project initiated in the year 2013 that is woven around a concept to impact and transform the current education system with noble & innovative ideas.

The School


"An Integrated Approach to Learning"

To provide a child centric education integrated with life, prepare students for the challenges of a multifaceted world and help them contribute to make it a better place.


To make learning a "lovable", "enjoyable" and "memorable" journey through an integrated approach, where children indulge in real-life environment and connect their learning to self-development and discovery.

The School

Core Values

We at BTGS shall

  • Acknowledge every child is unique and intelligent ( the correct intelligences will be identified and nurtured)
  • Stress on holistic development with multidisciplinary learning (life skills, value education, fine arts, sports etc.)
  • Inculcate self-discipline by making children responsible for their own actions, nurturing them to become responsible citizens (social awareness, caring for environment)
  • Respect individuality of a child (freedom of expression)
  • Avoid discrimination of all types
  • Nurture affectionate student - teacher relationship
  • Encourage open communication between all stakeholders - parents, school and children
  • Consider parents as partners in child development
  • Value work culture and professionalism
  • Understand that learning never stops
  • Love what they do and strive for excellence
  • Uphold integrity in everything
  • Look beyond Imagination (to innovate and create)

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."

The School

Board of Examination

Brahmavid pledges to make available the best of what Indian education offers with CBSE board for a bright future.The Central Board of Secondary Education was set in the year 1952, whereas, it was in 1962 when the board was finally reconstituted. CBSE Board promises quality education with a curriculum designed for the all-round development of every student. It helps to find out one's passion towards a particular sphere and nurture the required skills in the same direction.

CBSE Affiliation Number : 3330378

The School


EducationWorld India school Rankings(EWISR) 2022-23

Team BTGS, taking Brahmavid to greater heights proud moment #Honour #Humbled #Gratitude

With immense pleasure and proud we announce another feather adorned @BTGS Hat. Brahmavid The Global School, Raipur, is Ranked no. 1 school in Raipur and 2nd in Chhattisgarh in (Day cum Boarding School category)

The award ceremony was conducted by the Education World India school Rankings 2022-23 awards at Gurugram,(NCR). The Directors collected the prestigious award on the behalf of BTGS.

Becoming a no.1 school in the 5th year is a great feat and TEAM BTGS promises to take Brahmavid to newer heights pouring continuous efforts in working towards the goal of giving holistic education with child centric approach and excellence towards whatever we do.

EducationWorld India School Rankings(EWISR) 2021-22

With profound happiness we the TEAM BTGS is elated to share that Brahmavid The Global School has been all India ranked at 28th position by EW India School Rankings 2021-22 in category “,Co-ed- Day cum Boarding School

EducationWorld(EW) in association with C fore presents the EducationWorld India School Rankings (EWISR) 2021-22.

To compile this data 11,458 sample respondents including - educationists, principals, teachers, SECA (socio-economic category A) parents and senior school students — in 28 cities countrywide were interviewed by 118 C forefield researchers over a period of four months (June-September). The annual EWISR is the world’s largest school ranking survey.


Steam Education Excellence 2019-20

Brahmavid The Global School, Raipur, is ranked among India’s Top 10 STEAM in the EducationWorld Grand Jury Awards 2019-20.

For your information, a Grand Jury of well-informed educationists and educators including Meeta Sengupta (educationist and senior advisor Centre for Civil Society, Delhi), Rohit Mohindra (director of the Mumbai-based Raj Mohindra Consultants Pvt. Ltd), Damodar Prasad Goyal (president of the Society for Unaided Private Schools of Rajasthan), Fatima Agarkar (co-founder of KA EduAssociates) and Dr.K.R. Maalathi (founder- CEO of Auuro Educational Services, Chennai) and Sumer Singh, (celebrated former principal of Daly College, Indore)rated and ranked over 1,000 nominated (self or third party) schools in 11 categories of 21st century education excellence – Environment – friendly Schools, STEAM Education Excellence, Technology Avant-garde Schools, Campus Architecture and Design, Social Impact Award, Emerging High Potential Schools, Extraordinary Leadership, etc.


BTGS is spread over 9.25 acres of sprawling boarding campus amidst green surroundings located at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The infrastructure is an architectural marvel clearly reflecting the thought, passion and expertise gone into while developing the world-class infrastructure.

The structures are designed to be environment-friendly with

  • Maximum exposure to natural light and air
  • Waste management
  • Water Recycling
  • Water Harvesting

Safety aspects include

  • Fire Safety
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Walking Pathways

The infrastructure is also differently abled friendly with Ramps, Lifts and Wheelchair Accessible Toilets to provide friendly access to various sections of the infrastructure.

The exterior architecture has a traditional, colonial and even contemporary at places add much to it. The structure, on one hand, has large corridors, courtyards, foyers, atrium, amphitheaters etc. for making most of the natural light & air, and on the other hand,it has comforts of Air Conditioners to counter the harsh weather conditions.

The whole infrastructure can be divided into two segments:

  • Major Building Structures and
  • Outdoors
The School

The School

The School

Major Building Structures

  • Facility Management Block (FMB)
    • Main School Entrance
    • Security/Time Office
    • Drivers Lounge
    • Facility Management training center
    • Transport Manager
    • Facility Manager (Services)
    • Facility Manager (MEP)
  • Administration Block
    • Reception
    • Back Office
    • Principal
    • Chief Admin Officer
    • Director
    • Conference Hall
  • Kindergarten
    • Reception
    • Activity Room
    • Library
    • Messy Room (Arts & Craft)
    • Classrooms
    • Nap Room
    • Housekeeping
    • Amphitheater
    • Teachers Area
    • Central Play area
  • Main School Building
    • Entrance Foyer
    • Reception
    • Atrium
    • Performing Arts Dramatics Center (Auditorium 1)
    • Performing Arts Center (Auditorium 2)
    • Eight Academic wings (7 Classroom in each wing)
    • Indoor Sports
    • Performing Arts (Dance) Center
    • Performing Arts (Music) Center
    • Creative Art and Craft Center
    • Computer Lab
    • Language Lab
    • Life Skills Lab
    • Multi-Level learning center (Library)
    • Design & Technology Center
    • Composite Science Lab
    • Central Courtyard
    • Dining Hall
    • Cafeteria
    • Medical Center
    • Stores
    • Resource Room
    • Girls & Boys changing room
    • Four Exclusive Labs to come up in future
  • Residential Block
    • Girls Block
    • Boys Block
    • Faculty Block
    • Activity Rooms
    • Medical Center
    • Common Study Areas
    • Laundry
    • Tuck Shop
  • Service Staff Quarters
    • 24 Service staff units


  • Amphitheater
  • Kindergarten Outdoor Play Area
  • Skating Rink
  • Volleyball Court
  • Play Station Main School
  • Jungle Trail
  • Football/Athletics Ground
  • Cricket Nets
  • Tennis Court 1
  • Tennis Court 2
  • Basketball Court
  • Gazebo 1 (External classes)
  • Gazebo 2 (Sports Pavilion)
  • Outside Parking
  • Internal Car Parking
  • Internal Two-Wheeler Parking
  • Internal Bus Bay 1
  • Internal Bus Bay 2
  • Pathways
  • Internal Concrete Roads
  • STP Plant

The School

The School

The School

The School

The School

Founder's Message

Dear Students and Parents

Coming to school should be fascinating and pleasurable experience for the childhood, with this sublime intent, we have laid down the foundation of this great institution in making.

President Ask Edifying Foundation

Mr. Krishna Kumar Nathani

The School

Setting up a school always poses interesting and formidable challenges especially in information overloaded and highly technology enabled times like the present. Brahmavid materialised from the vision of the team of founders and mentors who put their heads and hearts together to create a school with a difference. It is a place where the minds are as open and expansive as the sprawling campus; where learning is a way of life ; where students seek knowledge with passion; where they do not hesitate to ask questions and tirelessly look for answers from various sources ; where they shall learn without fear of making mistakes; where technology and tradition go hand in hand to create the right environment; where creative thinking and scientific methods co exist; where the liberal arts and STEM education can happen without conflict; where leadership and entrepreneurship are developed through practical experience; where horizons of human capability shall be extended beyond imagination.Brahmavid is indeed an educational dream come true for Raipurians !


Mr. Nandakumar Venkatraman

Ms. Mali Nandakumar

We the founders of "Brahmavid The Global School" come from a varied background as Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Educators and collectively believe that true success or potential can be realized when equipped with right knowledge, skills, passion, work ethic and we work tirelessly towards excellence.

At Brahmavid, we believe in the holistic development of the child and have created a unique model to deliver the curriculum. We have spared no efforts to provide the best of facilities and a world class infrastructure towards achieving our objectives.

Besides, we strongly believe that character building is an important aspect of education. From the early times, character education has been the shared responsibility of parents, teachers and the community / society that children grow up in . It is a learning process that enables future citizens to understand, care about the people and the world around them and act on the strength of core values such as respect, justice, civic virtue, citizenship, and responsibility for self and others. It is upon the indestructible and enduring foundation of such core values that we form the attitudes and actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy and informed communities. Brahmavid is a labour of love and a manifestation of farsighted vision. We pledge to empower the little wings with the strength of values and wisdom.

We ensure you that Brahmavid The Global School would provide the best of education, care and facilities to your child(ren) to nurture them into successful and responsible global citizens.

We wish all the success to the students of Brahmavid The Global School.

School Directors

Mr. Pratyush Padarha

Ms. Shobha Padarha

The School

Mr. Pratyush Padarha

The School

Ms. Shobha Padarha


BTGS is proud to have the best of faculties specialized in their area of interest. We have a squadron of highly qualified teachers with years of experience. Their experience help students to understand the core concepts in lesser time, better learning and easy adaptability to the environment.

The School


The admin wing at BTGS consists of educational leaders who are constantly working to develop, promote and maintain a shared vision for the school community ensuring quality education. They are the decision maker responsible for establishing a collaborative decision-making model for the school.

Their continuous efforts are enabling to establish, organize and operate the school safeguarding a healthy, effective and efficient learning environment. The team is highly efficient and is always prepared to reach out to the queries of students and guardians at the earliest as possible.

The School

Enablers In Learning

At BTGS, we promote continuous learning to get required skills needed to adapt in the changing environment. Lifelong learning is a compulsory aspect of BTGS for everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the institution.

We strongly believe that being an educational institution, it is our priority to help every individual grow with continuous learning approach. This reflects in the value system of our institution. We have included many such programs in our academic session to keep the learning spirit alive.

The School

Our Journey

The journey of BTGS started with a dream. A dream to build a school where knowledge knows no boundary. A dream to make the students self-aware and well acquainted with their rights & responsibilities. A dream to bring a change in the society by spreading the light of wisdom, not only to the minds but to the souls.

And nothing else but a 'GLOBAL SCHOOL' can be the only way to let us do so. Once, this was clear, it took almost 4 years for the members of BTGS to design such an education campus where focus is shifted from good marks to great minds.

The School

Thought behind the Brahmavid Logo