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Homework & Assignments

Learning beyond the classroom is an essential part of good education. Homework is an extension of learning in the classroom. Homework not only reinforces classroom learning, it also supports the development of independent learning skills, including the habits of enquiry and investigation. Children learn to use different resources like libraries, reference materials, and different websites, etc. It also encourages children to use their time wisely. It improves communication among parents and child and also encourages parents to spark child's enthusiasm.

It is the responsibility of parents to guide them suitably and provide a time and place for homework away from interruptions. They should ensure that homework should be submitted at the right time as required.

Homework policy at BTGS is based on following principles:

  1. Homework tasks are structured and then purpose explained to the students.
  2. Consistency in practices within year groups.
  3. It is a balance between reading, learning, and writing tasks.
  4. Homework is given as per a regular schedule which is communicated to students and parents at regular intervals.
  5. Homework is marked in a timely manner.
  6. Students receive constructive feedback in order to help them relevant knowledge skills, attitudes, and values.

The type of homework set will vary depending on the grade level, nature of the subject and class, work being undertaken at the time. Whatever is the task, homework is assigned to provide the opportunity to motivate student's interest in the subject and strengthen their confidence in their ability to learn and work independently.