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Brahmavid has inbuilt comfort and safety into the transportation services. All the buses are air conditioned, equipped with RFID & CCTV cameras which helps to monitor & locate them with GPS tracking system. We have different bus routes throughout the city. Every bus is having a driver, conductor and one lady conductor equipped with mobile phone.


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. At BTGS, we have a large & high standard kitchen and dining area where all the students get nutritious and pure vegetarian food. Breakfast, lunch, juice, soup & mid day snacks are hygienically prepared and served. The menu caters to varieties of nutritious food according to the age group as derived by our dietician.


At BTGS we are have different learning spaces to enhance the skills of our students.

Our multi level learning centre(Library) equipped with rich collection of books, resources and digital content which give the students, quiet corners to study & reflect. A spacious design & technology studio provides a platform for children to learn experientially through exploration and also promote problem solving, creativity & critical thinking. A well equipped ICT centre(computer lab) facilitates teaching-learning process, improves understanding and retention by using multimedia. Composite lab with all the advanced equipments is there to learn concepts under different branches of science in one place, encourage them to learn through experiments & research. Performing arts studios(Dance, Drama, Music, Art & craft) are aesthetically designed with beautiful ambience to explore different fine arts skills of the students. Language lab with the facilities of all the modern audio visual aids is to enhance language skills of the students. Big gazebos and Central Courtyard are there to conduct outdoor classes and performing different activities. Life Skills studio to learn the basic life skills required in today's environment.



The topmost priority of the Brahmavid is safety and security of its students in the entire campus and transport. The gated campus is ringed by high walls and has only one point of entry/exit manned by round-the-clock security staff. Closed circuit TVs and intruder alarm systems are in place at strategic points around the campus. All students and staff members are provided RFID tags for safety & security.

Security patrol service are equipped to respond quickly to any security or emergency matter that occurs on the campus site. Entry of visitors is restricted; visitors need to have their identities confirmed by the person they wish to meet before being allowed to enter the campus. For students, strict rules are in place for leaving and returning to the campus. Ragging and bullying are banned; as are consumption of cigarettes, liquor, drugs and other intoxicants. The entire campus is having fire safety system with water hydrants, fire and smoke alarms.

The infrastructure is also differently abled friendly with Ramps, Lifts & Wheelchairs accessible toilets to provides friendly access to the various sections of the infrastructure.


School has well equipped infirmary to cater to any medical emergencies inside the campus. infirmary is equipped with beds, examination table, other equipments, medicines etc. to provide first aid or handle minor sickness to the students. There is direct access to ambulance in case of any emergency.