Admission Open



Any new entrant to the workforce of Brahmavid starts with a 3/5 day induction programme that introduces him/her to the mission, vision and core philosophy of the school.

Continuous and comprehensive training programme for teachers is central to Brahmavid's professional development programme. Every teacher of Brahmavid will be given a minimum of 40 hours of onsite training annually in spheres like pedagogy, use of technology, student psychology, approaches to teaching and learning (ATL), assessment tools and techniques, verbal and non verbal communication, data interpretation, basic ICT skills, leadership and team building.

Apart from the above, specially structured, need based training programmes, of both short and long duration for individuals and groups will be organised based on inputs received from SMT (senior Management Team) and advisors.

Teachers will also be sponsored to attend off site training programmes offered by leading regional, national and international agencies.

Support Staff

The support staff play a vital role in the smooth and healthy operations of any institution. In addition to induction training on Brahmavid's mission, vision and core philosophy, the members of the support staff will be provided onsite and offsite training in areas of their specialisation: HRD, finance, parent interface, communication, use of MS Office, safety & security, statutory compliance etc.

The maintenance and housekeeping staff will be provided training on handling of materials, equipment, safe practices, health and hygiene etc. These training programmes will be delivered in local language for maximum effectiveness.


It is important that parents, as stakeholders have a clear understanding of school's mission, vision, objectives and core beliefs in addition to approach towards teaching/learning processes. Parent information sessions and orientations are ideal occasions to achieve this.

Brahmavid will arrange a whole range of orientation programmes for parents. The generic ones will touch upon the latest trends in education, homework policy, project work etc. The School will also offer specific workshops and orientation programmes targeting parents of age group/class/ segment vis- a- vis personal social and health education. Additionally there will be workshops to improve synergy between parents and the School and to explore possible ways of creating parent support towards attaining all educational goals of the school.