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At Brahmavid, we aim to provide the best possible all-round education to every one of our students through a comprehensive curriculum and to produce inquiring, confident, responsible individuals who engage themselves positively with the society and the world. The school's curriculum is not simply a rigid set of prescribed course outlines, but a dynamic entity that keeps evolving.


A successful educational programme rests on the collective involvement of the entire school community including teachers, students, and parents.

The curriculum and the instruction are designed so as to provide:

  • Maximum all round learning opportunity to students through a wide range of curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular projects and activities.
  • A balance in education while attempting the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and cultural development of the students, without emphasizing any one at the expense of another.
  • A stimulating environment to boost intellectual curiosity.
  • An inter-disciplinary approach to education.
  • Maximum advantage to the students in their preparation for:
    • Qualifying examinations
    • Further education
    • Smooth transition to other institutions
  • Individual attention to students within the framework of the classroom and ensure maximum participation in the learning activity.
  • A solid base to nurture a set of positive values in students as individuals, and national and global citizens while promoting:
    • Self worth
    • Cultural identity
    • Multiculturalism
    • Social and global commitment


Early Learning Programme {Age 3-5 years}

[Grades: Nursery to Senior Kindergarten]

Early Learning Programme is the most important part of any curriculum as the physical, social and emotional development that occurs during this period has a significant impact on their future life. During early years, children develop a concept of self, with a growing sense of independence and also a curiosity to know about the world around them. They become observers, explorers and also take initiatives to experiment with their surroundings. The experience and care received at this age have a strong impact on their ability to learn. Everything we do or say helps the children to 'wire' their brain for thinking, feeling, moving or learning. Children need to experience things in order to learn.

Brahmavid creates a warm and affectionate learning environment for the tiny tots so that they have joyous experiences which will encourage them to explore their unique talents. We give plenty of importance to play time. Our program aims at inculcating fine motor skills, gross motor skills, basic conversational skills, life skills, ability to solve problems and the confidence to take up small challenges. Children are taught to work harmoniously in groups and to evolve cooperativeness, kindness and social awareness.

Primary Learning Programme {Age 6-10 years}

[Grades: 1 to 5]

Primary Learning Program is an integral part of student's learning process. During these years, children develop a keen desire to know and a sense of enquiry insets. These inquisitive minds will be fostered well because we believe, we learn, grow and improve from curiosity. In this age group, if the children are encouraged and reinforced for their initiatives, they begin to gain confidence in their ability and work hard to achieve their goals. We help our learners discover who they really are and enable them to do what they love.

We promote all round development of their physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects, and work towards comprehensive academic progress. The 'hands on' approach is appreciated rather than rote learning. Smaller class sizes also help in effective teaching and ensure that individual needs and expectations are fulfilled. We have the best classroom tested materials & teacher-created step by step lesson manuals. We also ensure innovative learning styles, access to engaging online resources and proven educational methodologies.

The school aims at providing a friendly and happy atmosphere and experiences which will be cherished for long, to encourage self-discipline, awaken intellectual curiosity and foster global awareness.

Middle Learning Programme {Age 11-13 years}

[Grades: 6 to 8]

In this age group, the learning process is aimed at gaining knowledge methodically and comprehensively. Here children search for a sense of self and personal identity through an enormous exploration of personal values, beliefs, and goals.

Children become more independent and begin to look for their future perspectives. We inspire and motivate students to become successful, independent learners who are prepared to succeed in high school and beyond.

Diversified learning approaches along with multi-sensory and hands-on activities appeal to different learning styles. These activities ensure that students are presented with concepts in multiple ways to intensify their understanding of key concepts which will eventually lead to concept mastery. Our aim is to encourage students to develop research skills through independent enquiry, communication skills through drama, elocution or role-play; and social skills through mutual respect, tolerance and the ability to deal and resolve a conflict.

We understand that in the 21st century, the learning approach of children is different and that’s why we continuously review our programs to include modern teaching approaches that appeal to young learners. We integrate technology into learning and encourage the application of technical skills in everyday life. Our school curriculum encourages students to explore, discover and excel while learning fundamental concepts that lead to academic success for years to come.

Senior Learning Programme {Age 14-17 years}

[Grades: 9 to 12]

In this age group, the learning process is aimed at gaining self independence and dealing with the complexity of subject matters. Children start recognising their personal strengths and challenges. They become self-conscious and think more like an adult and like to talk about issues in the adult world. They like to think for themselves, and though they often feel confused, their opinions are important to them, and they want others to respect them.

During these years children show an increasing ability to reason and learn how to make educated guesses. They think more abstractly, comparing what is to what could be, and they come up with ways to deal with hypothetical situations and set their own goals for the future. They take others’ opinions into account but ultimately, make their own decisions. A strong personal sense of right and wrong can be noticed within them.

Through academic excellence, we teach them learning and mastering the skills of getting organized, staying focused, and seeing work as an integral part of life. There are huge changes in social and emotional skills in this age group. We help them deal with their changing personality through various experiential learning techniques like drama, debates, extempore, where they can express their thoughts freely and feel heard. We take them through career counseling and psychometric analysis which helps them and their parents to understand and choose the right stream for the student.

We at BTGS give enough real- life situations to help them learn to make decisions. We also make the students' future ready to take the challenges in their stride and face the complexity of the world with zeal and compassion. Life skills and value education is integrated with all subjects to train them with basic human values of empathy and mindfulness.