Admission Open

Social Responsibility

Brahmavid believes in developing in its students a sense of ownership towards their school and also nurturing humaneness in them through activities which sensitize them to the problems of the school and the under privileged section of the society they live in. Active engagement in these helps them make their contributions to the school and society individually and collectively.

Activities Include:

At School

  • Laboratory Service
  • Computer Room service
  • Library Service
  • Fire & First Aid Service
  • Litter Patrol Service
  • Notice Board Maintenance

In the Community

  • Blind People's Home
  • Home for the Visually Impaired
  • Home for the Physically Challenged
  • Old People's Home
  • Projects for the Girl Child
  • Home for the Mentally Challenged Children
  • Service to Weaker Sections of Society Including Tribal Welfare
  • Village Schools
  • Village Projects
  • Relief Work during Emergencies